• Capstone Case Team

    My Final Case Competition – Starbucks & Kombucha

    Somehow, I’ve already graduated from the University of Washington. Time flies, huh? Unlike a lot of other schools, we don’t do a final thesis or big essay to wrap up our time as an undergrad–  the business school puts on one big case competition that all graduating seniors are required…

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  • pokemon-go-gen-3-flying-dragon.jpg.optimal

    HCDE: Intended and Unintended Consequences of Pokemon GO

    I’ve written before about the dynamic between being a business student, with a design focused brain, can often make me feel out of place since a lot of my classes that focus on calculated data. Well, this quarter I stepped out of my usual bounds and took a class in…

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  • ContagiousBookPost@2x

    Review: “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger

    I’m guilty of spending hours scrolling through my Facebook feed watching viral videos (and you probably are too), but I never thought about what brought those videos to my home page—what caused this advertisement to surface among the millions of other funny commercials? Why is this dog waddling across a…

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  • 18426083_10212770028549493_512392330_o

    Reflecting on ICC@M 2017

    Despite my experience in competing in numerous case competitions at UW, competing on a global scale is always quite the shock. Suddenly your competition comes from different professional, business, and educational backgrounds. Rather than competing against students who go through the same coursework and preparation as you, you’re in a…

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    Design Thinking – Left or Right Brain?

    As a business student working in the design field, I’ve often found myself conflicted about whether I’m naturally left-brained, or right-brained. The business school is full of analytical types seeking jobs in accounting and finance—a lot of the time our classes are very numbers-based appealing to the left-brain student. In…

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  • Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 9.07.09 PM

    Case Competition PowerPoint Design 101

    Every time I present publicly in a case competition, I get questions about what program I used to design the slide deck. To each person’s surprise, I use PowerPoint just like anyone else. People in the business world have a very specific idea of what PowerPoint slides look like. They…

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  • gsmarena_001

    Twitter Kills the Tweet

    For as long as Twitter has been around, there has been a strict 140-character limit. It’s what makes tweeting a “tweet”. Short, sweet, and to the point. Not to mention, you can spam your followers with random thoughts as much as your tweety heart desires, and no one will complain (because…

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  • Organization Preview

    5 Ways to Stay Organized in 2016

    It’s officially 2016! In 2015, I took on the role as a full time college student, part time graphic designer, and part time corporate intern. Put this on top of all of my duties to friends and family, and you get one busy year. With that being said, it was the first…

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  • Holland America Line Case Competition 2015

    Holland America Line Case Competition 2015

    This past week, I competed in my first ever full-scale case competition. After spending so much time on DECA in high school, I knew case competitions would be something interesting to get involved with in college, but I never had a good chance my freshman year. I was never able…

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  • Switch Preview

    Review: “Switch” by Chip and Dan Heath

    For one of my projects this year as an intern, my manager instructed me to do some research on the idea of change. She sent me to Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip and Dan Heath, with the intention of reading the first few chapters focusing…

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