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    HCDE: Intended and Unintended Consequences of Pokemon GO

    I’ve written before about the dynamic between being a business student, with a design focused brain, can often make me feel out of place since a lot of my classes that focus on calculated data. Well, this quarter I stepped out of my usual bounds and took a class in…

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    Design Thinking – Left or Right Brain?

    As a business student working in the design field, I’ve often found myself conflicted about whether I’m naturally left-brained, or right-brained. The business school is full of analytical types seeking jobs in accounting and finance—a lot of the time our classes are very numbers-based appealing to the left-brain student. In…

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    Case Competition PowerPoint Design 101

    Every time I present publicly in a case competition, I get questions about what program I used to design the slide deck. To each person’s surprise, I use PowerPoint just like anyone else. People in the business world have a very specific idea of what PowerPoint slides look like. They…

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  • Main Layer

    Journey Mapping

    How exactly can a business determine what they need to change about their product/service without knowing how the customers are currently reacting? They can’t. But customer journey maps make that easy. During my internship at Concur, I was introduced to the concept of a journey map used in a business…

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    Brand Profile: iMac Evolution

    Apple is iconic for their revolutionary designs, and their constant innovation. The iMac has played a big part in the technology revolution since the original release in 1998. I recently stumbled across this “evolution of iMac” timeline that Apple released alongside their 2012 line, and thought it would be interesting…

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  • 10 Steps Preview

    10 Steps to Create an Infographic using PowerPoint

    Earlier I wrote a blog on creating infographics using only PowerPoint sharing the tips and tricks I learned from Steve Thompson at Concur. This time, I created a visual e-book to share. Check out my tutorial for 10 easy steps to designing a professional looking infographic with PowerPoint, and let…

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  • Infographic PowerPoint

    Easy Infographics.pptx

    One of my summer projects for the internship is to create an infographic. To familiarize me with the Concur style, my manager sent me a couple examples of past infographics they’ve sent out– one in particular we really liked and hoped to mock the style of with my project. After…

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  • Website Evolution Header

    The Website Design Evolution

    Being interested in both marketing and design drives me to be constantly thinking about what will be visually appealing to my audience in the future– but what about in the past? I thought it would be interesting to compare a popular blogs from nine years ago to how those blogs…

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  • Then and Now Preview

    365 Days of Presentation Design

    Over the past year, presentation design has been emphasized more than ever in my life. I use it every day: in class, in case competitions, and in the working world. As a marketing and design student, I have to realize how important it is to utilize your visuals properly when…

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