• Organization Preview

    5 Ways to Stay Organized in 2016

    It’s officially 2016! In 2015, I took on the role as a full time college student, part time graphic designer, and part time corporate intern. Put this on top of all of my duties to friends and family, and you get one busy year. With that being said, it was the first…

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  • 10 Steps Preview

    10 Steps to Create an Infographic using PowerPoint

    Earlier I wrote a blog on creating infographics using only PowerPoint sharing the tips and tricks I learned from Steve Thompson at Concur. This time, I created a visual e-book to share. Check out my tutorial for 10 easy steps to designing a professional looking infographic with PowerPoint, and let…

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  • Infographic PowerPoint

    Easy Infographics.pptx

    One of my summer projects for the internship is to create an infographic. To familiarize me with the Concur style, my manager sent me a couple examples of past infographics they’ve sent out– one in particular we really liked and hoped to mock the style of with my project. After…

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  • Design Preview

    Behind the Scenes of Design Projects

    No matter what your business is, or who you’re trying to sell to, a good designer is key to catching that consumer’s eye. Every single company has had someone do some sort of design work for them, because it’s everywhere you look! Logos, websites, ads, apparel– it’s hard to avoid the…

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  • Pinterest Blog

    The Power of Pinterest

    When it comes to social media marketing, people always think of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These may have been the “Big 3” for the past several years, but Pinterest is making its way on the map. Pinterest may be the most effective way to reach an audience and convert those…

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